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Tuesday, September 25, 2035 by Billy Boren's "Opinion Paragraph" 

Tuesday, September 25, 2035 
Language Arts Notes: Ms Stalter 
Learning Target - Identify and write an opinion. 
Opinion (Def) - A statement of belief that supports a particular course of action over another course.  
To do: 
Write an opinion 
Write three sentences that support your opinion. 
Write a conclusion. 

Today is Talk Tuesday. So Ms Stalter asked us for examples of an opinion. 

Karl raised his hand and said. "The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer" 
Maria said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." 
Michelle said, "Military intelligence is an oxymoron" 
Barry said, "I hate carrots" 
Chief said, "Hard work is the key to success."  
Jamal raised his hand and said, "Wisdom comes from experience"  
Kendra said, "I hate math" 
Little Bear said "I love America" 
Jolene raised her hand and said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 
Nanook said, "If you provide for others, others will provide for you." 
I said, "Animals should be allowed to be free whenever possible." 

Ms Stalter then said, "I am going to ask each of you a rhetorical question based on your statements." She picked up her notepad and started reading, 

"Karl: Is being rich or poor a factor in whether you become richer or poorer? 
"Maria: Why is it better to do something for your country rather than letting your country do something for you?" 
"Michelle, Please define oxymoron and give specific examples of military intelligence being an oxymoron?" 
"Barry: What do you hate about carrots?" 
"Jamal: What experiences have brought you wisdom?" 
"Kendra, Why do you hate math?" 
"Little Bear: What do you love about America and what should be done to keep it a place that you love?" 
"Jolene, Why people see beauty differently?" 
"Nanook, Why do you believe others will provide for you if you provide for others." 
"Billy, when is it possible for animals to be free and why should they be allowed to be free" 

    I think that animals should be allowed to be free whenever possible. I think that possible in this case means they are capable of surviving their normal lifespan and not upsetting the natural balance of the areas they live in. I believe that animals should be free because they have intelligence, feelings and because the domestication of animals has a larger detrimental environmental footprint than animals living in the wild. 
I believe that these are all good reasons for animals to be free and that these factors should be considered when making decisions about animals freedom. I believe that setting captive wild animals is possible because there are wildlife refuges and natural park that they can live in. This is why I believe that animals should be allowed to be  free whenever possible.

Monday, September 24, 2035 Language Arts Notes by Billy Boren 

Monday, September 24, 2035         Language Arts Notes                                                         Ms Stalter   

Learning Target: Identify and produce a paragraph

A paragraph is a series of sentences that share a theme.
A paragraph has an introduction, details and a conclusion.

To Do:
Write a paragraph with an introduction, three supporting details and a conclusion
You can write this paragraph about anything that you want to.
The paragraph can describe something, tell a story, list a sequence of events, support a point of view, etc.

I saw a wolf get set free this week. I met the wolf when it was still in a cage. I saw the wolf delivered to her new home. I saw her get examined by a man and then I saw the wolf get let off her leash and let out of a fenced in lot. Then I saw her run away. She ran around the lot for about a half hour, and then she ran north, And disappeared. I haven't seen the wolf since. She is now free.

Introducing Ursula Suzana Galleta: Inventor, Ecologist and Pilot" by Billy Boren. Sunday, September 23, 2035 

Ursala Suzana Galleta was developing a solar powered real time matter former that didn't require batteries. It is being funded by the State University of  Grizzlydom for it's applications for flight and space travel. It's ability to adapt it's shape to it's situation make it highly efficient for navigation not so much for navigation and more important, planetary re-entry. 

She has achieved a 99.9977 matter recovery rate on her real time simulations and tests, meaning her design was safe for reentry unoccupied remote control tests as the only power supply and regenerative shielding and navigation device. She has the intention of running occupied flight tests if all goes well.
Combining energy collection and matter rejuvenation in the same device would greatly reduce the mass of ships too.
Because it used solar radiation for energy in real time efficiently it had minimal global warming effect, meaning it would pass all planetary environmental treaties.  

Introducing Miguel Raton: Super Nerd, Inventor and Alien Mouse" Billy Boren's Blog - Saturday, September 22, 2035 

Saturday, September 22, 2035
I told Ms Stalter that I wanted to write a TV series about a space ship. And that I wanted to use recurring characters to tell my stories through. I wanted a show without a main star, but with a team. She reached into her filing cabinet, pulled out a laminated 8x11 piece of paper and told me to copy it and return it before the end of the day. It said this:
Character Ensembles - 
Create a setting 
Create a group of characters
Give them traits that determine how they interact with each other.
Have them compliment each others strengths and weaknesses so that they can help each other.
Give them diverse character, physical, emotional and cultural traits.
Create a setting that they share
Create problems that are particular to each individual and ones that are faced by all characters.
Have them come together to solve a problem.

First character: Miguel Raton &3456 (Super smart nerd, can figure stuff out, efficient in the use of his time, very compassionate, hates to be told what to do. From Ratonista but lives on Ursa. 

He was studying Regenerative tissue technologies based on molecular resynthesis with medical applications. He hoped that he could invent a machine that could portably regenerate any animals tissue, based on scans of the patient and stored knowledge of DNA, on do this all on the fly. This portable medical regenerator could save millions of lives throughout the quadrant. It was a very expensive technology too. To process the data and synthesize a cell you needed a computer over one foot tall. With zillions of chunks of code. Even simulations took a full day to run. An actual cell took three days to produce and a whole tree's worth of bio-matter to synthesize. Each live test to produce an inert single cell took three days. And each trial produced fascinating results. 

"Aga and the Little Grey Wolf" by Billy Boren. Friday, September 21, 2035 

Friday, September 21, 2035

Writing Prompt: "Freaky" Free Write Friday
110 word minimum. Introduction and conclusion required.
-Switch the genders of the characters in your story
-Change the setting of your story on the opposite side of the planet, or on another planet.
-Have two characters in your story switch roles. 
 -I believe in/support/suggest ... because...

    A pregnant Gray Wolf lost her mate when he was stabbed by a hunter named Fuga. The hunter set fire to their den in the hopes of driving out wolves and hunting them down. Her plan wasn't as successful as she hoped. Only the Alpha and his pregnant mate were in the den. The pregnant alpha female fled the attack. Dag, her mate, faced the hunter bravely, but was hit with a burning stick and the sword. The hunter took Dags life and cooked his meat. It was her first warm meal in 13 days.
    The next day the hunter saw the pregnant female wolf and shot her arrow at the wolf. The wolf ran into a cave inhabited by a woman named Aga who fished. Fuga respected Aga's territory. And stayed out. 

    Later Aga, returned to her cave to sleep. She lied down to rest and landed on The pregnant Grey Wolf who barked and then ran out of the cave.  
 Aga then started a fire to cook the fish. the wolf feared the fire but craved the smell of the fish. She started singing and yelping.  Aga wanted to ignore the wolf, but when she felt full, she threw the wolf a scrap. She devoured it. Then the wolf came close to Aga. Aga raised her torch. The wolf rolled over on her back. Aga set down the torch. The wolf approached her, and sat next to Aga. After about twenty minutes the wolf begins to licks Aga's leg. 

The next day Fuga tries to kill the grey wolf and almost kills Aga. The grey wolf was afraid of Fuga, but felt loyalty to Aga and bit Fuga. Fuga cried "Uga. Ow Ooh!"

Aga cried, "Nuh" at the wolf and hit her hind quarters. The wolf let go. Fuga grabbed a burning stick from the fire and swung at Aga. It missed and Fuga burned herself and fell down unconscious in the snow. The snow cooled her burn. Two hours later she awoke very cold and angry. 

Aga feared for her safety and had already fled south towards the sun. The gregy wolf followed her.

Billy Boren's Blog - Thursday, September 20, 2035 

Thursday, September 20, 2035
Language Arts: Mary Lynn Stalter
Literary Character - 
Create a primary character
Give your character physical, emotional and cultural traits.
Write a secondary character who is supportive
Create a secondary character who is oppositional
Create a setting
Create a problem
solve the problem
Reading Log 09/19/35
Little Red Riding Hood
Setting: The woods and Grandmother's house
Primary Character: Little Red Riding Hood
Secondary supportive character: The hunter
Secondary oppositional character: The Big Bad Wolf
Problem: The Big Bad Wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother
Solution: The hunter kills The Big Bad Wolf and removes grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf's stomach.
This book seems very unrealistic for many reasons. The wolf eats the two people, but they are still alive. I don't think that a person could stay in one piece and be eaten by a wolf. The chewing process would be deadly. The author covers himself by saying, "He swallowed her in one gulp"
Secondly, the wolf attacks human beings which I believe is plausible but rare in nature.
My story: Og and the Little Grey Wolf by Billy Boren
Primary character: Little Grey Wolf
Secondary supportive character: Og, a caveman and first human to domesticate wolves who's descendants became dogs.
Secondary opposing character: Ug, a caveman and a mean hunter who tries to kill the wolf.
Problem: Ug wants to kill Little Grey Wolf
Solution. Og rescues wolf and they flee Ug's territory. They become companions.
    Little Grey Wolf lost his family in Scandinavia during the ice age because it was so cold. After his family died he fled towards the sun. He hunted along the way. One day he was chasing a rabbit for food when a spear landed in front of him. He ran in the opposite direction. The hunter who threw the spear chased him a few minutes. He ran into a cave and hid. Knowing the cave was inhabited by a fisher Og the hunter (Ug) did not explore it. For the time being he gave up the search.
    Later Og, returned to his cave to sleep. He lied down to rest and landed on Little Grey Wolf who barked and Og screamed and ran out of the cave. Little Grey Wolf followed him out, but instead of attacking him, he licked him. 
    Ug heard the scream and ran towards the cave. Og stopped him. He wanted Ug to stay out of his cave. Ug saw the wolf licking Og, looked at him in disgust and left. All the while wanting to kill Little Grey Wolf and eat him.
    Og caught some fish that day and brought it back to his cave. He cooked it over a fire in front of the cave. Ug cooked a rabbit over a fire nearby. Little Grey Wolf was afraid of the fire, but for some reason trusted the man Og, so he came and sat next to him. Og felt sorry for the wolf and shared some fish. 
    The next day, Ug tried to kill Little Grey Wolf and almost killed Og with his spear. Little Grey Wolf was afraid of Ug, but also felt loyalty to Og, so seeing Ug had no weapon he ran to him and bit hard. Ug cried "Ug, Ow, OOOOH"
    Og cried "Nuh, nuh nuh" and hit the wolf on his hind quarters. The wolf let go, and ran into the cave. Ug grabbed a burning stick from the fire and swung it at Og. Og ducked, Ug burnt himself accidentally. And collapsed unconscious. The snow cooled his burn. 
      Three hours later he awoke very cold and angry. 
    Og feared for his safety and had already fled south towards the sun in the morning. Little Grey Wolf followed him. 

Billy Boren's Blog - Wednesday, September 19, 2035 

Language Arts                                                                 Mary Lyn Stalter
Notes: Tonight in your reading log you will see that there is more information required.
Your reading log will require you to identify primary character, supportive character and the stories message. The point that the story is trying to make.
Writing Prompts:
What is your favorite book?
Who is your favorite literary character?
Who is your favorite author, designer, director, musician, actor, writer, cartoonist, performer, producer or teacher?
Two of my favorite authors are Robert Munsch and Dr Seuss for their ability to tell a story that is also a poem while being funny at the same time. My favorite comic book characters are Captain Europe, Dr Gluck, Gecko Man, Under Armor, The Roaring Mouse and Muscle Man. 
Science:                                                                                     François Gonzalez
Today Mr Gonzalez took us for a walk around the outside of the building in science class. He told us to write down the name of every plant or animal that we see. This is an exercise in scientific observation. You walk by hundreds of different plants every day, Do you know what most of them are called, and more importantly do you understand the role each one plays in our ecosystem.
Are the plants you see native and wild, or were they planted and or introduced by humans.
I expect you all to be on your best behavior on this trip. It is not recess, it is class. If you are successful and responsible we will be able to make longer field trips and find more interesting plants and animals to discover. 
Then he gave a three minute lecture on his behavioral expectations of the class while outside.
 (start D.R. Gluck) "In order for me to feel confident in the safety of this class I need to feel confident that they are following the rules." (D.R. Gluck)
He then went on to ask random students in our class what the rules were. So I wrote them down as people talked.
Follow directions the first time
Respect self, others and property
Stay in your seat or in your place in line
Use appropriate voice level for each activity.
Clean up after yourself
Leave things better than you find them
On Campus Field Trip Notes:
At the back of the school is a storage shed is the worm composting bin.
Mr Gonzalez took us there. He said, "We compost all of the school cafeteria's vegetable scraps there.  Then the compost is taken to our Greenhouse where we grow native plants and vegetables. The school uses the vegetables grown in the greenhouse for our cooking classes." 
    Mr Gonzalez cleared his throat and continued "Red worms turn food scraps and bedding into high quality compost suitable for use on house plants, seedlings or general garden use. The bedding is moistened brown leaves, shredded newspaper, cardboard or clean food shavings." 
    "To maintain this system, simply bury the food scraps throughout the fully bedded bin. To bury your food scraps dig a hole in the bedding, put in food scraps and cover completely with clean bedding. A properly maintained worm bin should be nearly odorless. Flies may be controlled and bedding maintained by placing a sheet of plastic or cardboard on top of the bedding.
    "Every 9-12 months the partially finished compost and/or bedding should be moved to one side of the bin and left to age. New bedding is added to the empty side of the bin."  
    "Then you bury food scraps only in the new bedding. Within 4-6 weeks the worms will move from the aging compost and populate the new bedding. The finished compost may now be harvested and the open space in the bin can be rebedded. Any large un-composted food scraps can be added back into the bin.    
    Worm bins can be kept outside or in a cool indoor space such as a basement or a garage. Outdoor worm bins should be located in a shady protected area. To keep your worms from freezing in winter, keep your bin fully bedded. Worm bins can also be insulated with bags of leaves or straw bales placed around and on top of the bin.
    Worm bins can also be made from recycled materials, wooden boxes, or other containers. All worm bins must have drainage holes in the bottom to drain excess liquid and a tight fitting lid to keep moisture in and pests out. Do not use treated wood of any kind. 
Source: Seattle Tilth Worm Composting Bin/ The Garden Hotline. Page 1 

Billy Boren's Blog - Tuesday, September 18, 2035 

(Hi Welcome to the 2030's GSW)
Tuesday, September 18, 2035
Performing Arts Class                                                       Ms Catherine Nemo
My name is Ms Catherine Nemo. I teach Performing Arts and Technology. I switch back and forth between the two, on blue days I will teach Performing Arts and on black days I will teach Tech. 
I will be doing a ten class series on acting, Followed by ten classes on music performance. 

Dramatic Characters:
Dramatic and fictional Characters display traits that are essential to the development or unfolding of a story.
When you read a story, watch a movie or a live play and even sometimes in concerts people and animations portray characters. These characters, both real and imagined, have traits.
What traits do dramatic characters have?
Michelle said "Evil"
Barry said "Good"
Which is cool because I think I could learn the basis of acting in 10 lessons.
I don't want to be an actor, I want to write scripts. So in order to do that I need to learn the language actors use to interpret their craft.
Today she taught us about stage positioning by verbally directing us around the room into different dramatic positions.
The different postures that we learned about are 
(start M. Nelson)
Superior - person in charge, thought of as mattering more. 
Inferior - person not in charge - thought of as mattering less
Ms Nemo said that ..."The head height of an actor is called a level.
(ex standing, sitting, fall back bowing)" and that there are different ways a person might position their body.
profile right, profile left and full front."
Level - head height of actor 
Face the audience when talking.
Don't put the paper in front of your face.
(end M Nelson 03.03.15)

Billy Boren's blog Monday, September 15, 2025 

Monday, September 15, 2025
Mary Lyn Stalter: Language Arts
Learning Target: To understand how character traits influence behavior.
Lesson Notes:
All objects, places and living things have traits.
Size, shape, weight are physical traits.
A machine has traits that are designed into them.
Living beings have genetic traits.
And animals and people have character traits.
Q&A: Can Anyone tell the classroom a character trait?
Irene raised her hand and said: "Honesty
I raised my hand and said, "Compassion.
Jolene raised her hand and said, "Passion"
Karl raised his hand and said. "fairness"
Maria said, "carefulness"
Michelle said, "Intelligence"
Barry said, "Courage"
Chief said family
Jamal raised his hand and said, "wisdom" 
Little Bear said "Loyalty"
Writing Prompt: What character traits do you admire or dislike in people?
Why do you admire or dislike them
My answer:
I like people who do the right thing. 
I met a woman who was helping a wolf who was injured in an accident.
I met her at the VA building when I was getting my school physical check up.  She was singing a lullaby to the wolf when we met. 
She said that she wasn't able to take her back to Baffin Island, where the animal was injured, so I told her that she should take her wolf to the Mahigan Wildlife Refuge nearby. 
I didn't know if she would until she took her there last week. 
I live across the street from the reserve. I saw an SUV pull in and the wolf be carried in a cage, then be examined and played with by one of the reserves caretakers and then set free. I think that this lady is very courageous and compassionate.
So are the people who run the wildlife Reserve.
Mr Gonzalez's Science Notes:
Learning target. To be able to identify and describe scientific traits.
"Traits are observable characteristics of an object, living being, place or idea."
Mr Gonzalez asked "What is an "observable characteristic."
Practice: Identify three traits each of an object, living being, place or idea. Write them down in your notebook in outline form.
Brain storm cue:
Traits that make us human beings
Traits that are true for all living things
All animals
All mammals
Traits that are true for some or a few animals including humans 

Please forgive me, the author Greg Spence Wolf for sending this story ten years into the future. Tomorrow's blog by Billy Boren will be dated Tuesday, September 18, 2035. I feel like 20 years is open to more interpretation. 

Billy Boren's Blog September 14, 2015 


This ministory is based on Ms MariLyn Stalter's writing prompt
"The Earth is just a space ship, the crew is just waking up" from 09/12/25
  • Earth was seeded by the Gronigals 200 quadrillion years ago or 200 to the 25th power.
  • They sent magnetic poles designed to attract the debris needed to form a planetoid, heat up a core and warm a planetoid to a minimum of -30 degrees all year round. On May 1, 2015 the lowest temperatureon earth reached. 200q years ago Earth was in undeveloped space. 
     This process was expected to take 500,000 years. Or three Gronigal generations travelling. The hatching of Gronigal eggs required a consistent planetary temperature of ... for 75 percent of the time. The 
The temperature needed to be consistent. And magnetic poles had to be installed in order for the planet to communicate from the Ursan system.
The Gronigals became extinct from 123,345,678,987,654,321 years ago...

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