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Thursday, October 4, 2035 "Writing a Song with Guest Lecturer Susan Cracker" 

Thursday, October 4, 2035 
Learning Target: Write a song together 
Prompt: Provided by guest lecturer/singer/songwriter and veterinarian Dr Susan Cracker. 
    Today who works as a Dr of Veterinary Medicine  who works at the VA hospital treating the service dogs.  
    Ms Stalter introduced her as Dr Susan Cracker, a veterinarian who was also a songwriter. She has found a very helpful way to combine the two." 

Ms Cracker said: 
    "I never would have made it through college if I wasn't also a songwriter. For two reasons, I paid my college bills with money I made as a singer, and I used poetry and songwriting as a method to memorize all the data I needed for my tests. 
    Then Dr Cracker strapped her guitar around her back and said, "How are you all doing today?" 
    About five people said "good." 
    She then said, "Sounds like a few of you are good. I bet the rest of you are awesome and were just too modest to admit it. I'm going to repeat the question and then I want all of you who are good to say "Good!" And all of you who are awesome to say "Awesome!"  
    "Here goes. How are you all doing today?" 
    We all said "Awesome" 
    Then Ms Cracker started playing this catchy blues riff. She said, "Raise your hand if you can tell me what kind of song I am playing." 
    She pointed to Jolene who said, "It's a blues song." 
    Then Ms Cracker said, "What is the name of this song?" 
    Barry raised his hand and said, "That same blues riff they use for any other blues song." 
    So she sang: 
    "I'm playing the blues, that same blues riff they use for any other blues song" 

    Ms Cracker then said, "Everyone repeat after me:" 
"I'm singing the blues to 
That same old blues riff they use for any other blues song/" 

    A few of us sang along. So she said, "These cliché twelve bar blues songs can be very repetitive, which makes them easy to learn quickly. So this time everyone can sing along." 

    She then said that it is repetitive this song could get very boring fast, So we need to write a few more lines. Raise your hand if you know why people sing the blues." 
    I raised my hand and said, "Because they are poor." 
    Maria said, "Because they are lonely." 
    Amar said, "Because they have been driven from their homes by war." 

    She then started singing again,  
"I'm singing, because I'm lonely and poor, and I lost my home in the war. (now you all do it)" 
Then a bunch of us sang along with her. 
"I'm singing the blues because I am lonely and poor and I lost my home in the war."

Wednesday, October 3, 2035 

Wednesday, October 3, 2035                               Language Arts 

Learning Target: Use questions to create an outline for a story. 
1) Who? 
The subject of the story or characters 
EX: The human race  

According to Whom? 
Narrator: The character telling the story 
EX: An alien observing our planet from billions of miles away 

What happened? 
Plot. IE Who did what with what?  
We heated up our planet with carbon 

Ex: Milky Way Galaxy, The Solar System, Earth 

Which led to a problem: 
Then a solution: 
And the end. 
How is the problem solved? 
How much detail do you want to provide? 

Why are you writing 
What do you not want to do in your story 

Human beings will save the planet in one of three ways. They will learn to live with less stuff, use energy and technology more efficiently or they will become extinct, therefore no longer releasing carbon into the atmosphere. 

Science:    Francois Gonzalez 
Learning Target        Write a sequence of events along a timeline with cause and effect. 
Teachers Example: I got a bachelors degree in education with a minor is science. After I received my degree I was able to apply for graduate school. Then I got a masters' in education. Finally I got a job as your teacher.

Tuesday, October, 2, 2035 

(Talk) Tuesday, October 2, 2035               Language Arts             Ms Stalter

2016 Trump elected President 
2017 USA invades Libya calling it WWIII and declaring he will rout out ISIS from the whole muslim world. 
2020 US military organizes a union. Vows to only shoot in self defense until demands are met." 
Trump loses election to film maker Michael Moore.  

Barry said: 
2018 Draft instituted. All males and females 21-31 recruited. And are college educated before they are sent to the front. Higher education is free and mandatory. 
2021 My Dad drafted. 2022 my Dad shot by the Tripoli Assassins. 
2023 - Leak from Blackwater security corporation suggests that the Tripoli Assasins were really employees of the Blackwater Corporation contracted independently by Trump to provoke the military into a fight with locals. 
2026 Trumps financial records leaked by Anonymous and reveal that he owns stock in all major American weapons contractors including Boeing. 
Maria said, July 4, 2016, asteroid lands in the Mediteranean Sea causing flooding throughout southern Europe and Northern Africa. American troops and Muslims start working together to help with rescue without orders because all electricity and communication to the outside world is flooded and shorted out for 7-34 hours.  
July 7, American bomber pilot Daniel Montegro refuse to carry out orders  to bomb flooded areas, knowing Americans might be there. 
"My mothers birthday is february 14, followed by my brothers on march 17 and my dad's on April 1, " 
Michelle said: 
2024 Vice President Bernie Sanders runs for office and wins. Escalates WWIII. American military goes on strike. Bernie Sanders agrees to present their demands to congress instead of court martialing. 

Chief said, "1888 Nanuk Petrov Mahiga drafted into Russian Army. " 
1889 - dies in combat. Russian government asks for another son Seal'th'he  
Mahigan Nomadic Clan people flee west to Alaska across Bering Strait. Following he path of the snowy owl. Nanook Vladimir Mahiga found a russian language book in his brothers belongings and started to memorize the Russian language book. Nanook Petrov was forced to learn the Russian language for army duty in the ... war. The brother wrote a code with sketches of indigenous objects that had a similar pronunciation of the letter in Russian.   
1890 - Mahigan Clan moves across the Aleutian Peninsula 
1910 They paid taxes on their land by working as commercial fishermen. 
Kendra said, "PEMDAS"

Monday, October 1, 2035 "Timeline" by Billy Boren 

Monday, October 1, 2035                              Language Arts Mari alyn Stalter 

Language Arts Board Notes: 
Make a timeline of your life. 
Start with a list of important events in your life and don't worry about the order. 
When you have 6-10 events, flip your paper over and draw a line with marks to note different years in the order that they happened. 
You may include events that you experienced or that you remember happening. 
Then Ms Stalter drew her life timeline. 
2000   2004                           2018                            2022       2023 
Birth   First day of preschool HIgh schol graduation marriage college masters degree 
|--------|------------------------|-------------------------|------------------... death 

Then Ms Stalter told us to write a timeline of our own lives. 

Billy Boren- 
Born 9.11.24/ 
 summer 2027- Oldest memory - playing on a swing set in park, hot summer day/ 
3rd grade - first kiss Linda Marie Sanchez, Mr Gately changed seating arrangement after that- haven't been kissed since 
played with after school soccer team at Rosa Parks Elementary, Seattle, WA 
7.11.28 moved to phoenix/  
8.11.32 moved to Seattle / 
8.11.35 moved to Alaska  
2034-2035 fourth grade - piano lessons 

August 2035  met first wolf 

September 1?, 2035 - saw wolf find home 
September 2, 2035 - wolf ran away from reserve with husky chasing her 
September 6, wolf returns with friend/maybe mate. 
september 8, a bunch of dogs and wolves are heard barking and howling near Mahigan  Reserve, Arctic Wolve's mate seems to be fighting them off. It's as if every canine in thee county has a crush on this wolf. 


Sunday, September 30, 2035 "Introducing Gemona and Gemane - engine mechanics of the Couth Lizzard" by Billy Boren 

Sunday, September 30, 2035 

Repair people 
-Gemona & Gemane Terranissimo. Male twins. They constantly argue while cooking, fixing stuff and playing games, but constantly use each other's ideas too. They are from the Geminista system which has two suns and two inhabited planets.  

On Geminista, arguing is viewed as a dance rather than a fight. People argue together to exercise their brains, learn new knowledge and recreate their environment. You only lose an argument when you lose your arguing partner. 
On Gemono people predict the future as a hobby.  

Gemona and Gemone won a contest where they predicted the development of propulsion technology. They were 99.02% correct in their predictions.  
They were nicknamed "The Rarely Wrong Team," because no one had predicted that accurately in the contest before.

Saturday, September 29, 2035 - "Introducing Robin jay Finch - Pilot of the Couth Lizzard" 

Saturday, September 29, 2035 
Introducing My Third character: Robin Jay Finch.
Bird, pilot, athlete and singer. She likes to explore, play sports and instruments. She has memorized over a thousand songs in twelve different languages. She is more interested in experiencing things than building stuff like her friends at the University of Grizzlydom. Her friends call her a play-a-holic. She also likes to try out new gadgets and games.  

She has visited every known inhabited planet in safe traveling distance within the rim of developed space known as Pan-Planetia by hiring herself out as either a pilot, translator or janitor. Her opinion is always, "Awesome." And can get herself out of sticky situations with diplomacy. 

The wings of many ships in Pan-Planetia are designed to mimic the wings of a bird when a bird is piloting it. The bird uses either virtual reality goggles to fly, or her own eyes. Her visual skills were superb, and her ability to calculate when to move was advanced, almost as fast as a flight computer. This made her an awesome pilot for exploration and travel flights.

Friday, September 28, 2035. "The Perfect Vacation" by Billy Boren 

Friday, September 28, 2035 
Writing Prompt: 
A perfect vacation 
How would you spend the perfect vacation 
Would you travel or stay home? 
How would the perfect vacation compare with the summer vacation that you just had? 

My perfect vacation would be flying through the solar system for a week. To get as close to the sun as you can without burning up. To land on the surface of all the planets and walk around in a space suit. To jump on the moon in its low gravity. 
Then come back to Earth and show everyone my pictures. 

I would also take samples of each planet's atmosphere, soil and rocks. I would give it to scientists to study. Maybe someday I could travel to another solar system. One with planets that have plants and animals kinda like earth. I could learn how living things adapt under different conditions.

Thursday, September 27th, 2035 - "My Favorite Character - Tuort Eroglik" by Billy Boren 

Thursday, September 27, 2035  
Learning Target: Explain yourself  
Writing Prompt  
What do you like? Why do you like it?  
What is your favorite song? Animal?  Book? Charachter? Color? Game? Movie? Play? Show? Song? Toy? Etc?  
Why do you like it?  
What do you do with it?  
My favorite character is Tuort Eroglik from the Mystery Planet Series on CPN. I like how he keeps predicting the future correctly in his column, but no one takes him seriously except the bad guy, Dastardly Dude, who then exploits his correct predictions to make millions of dollars. He then spends the money on illegal activities to make even more profit.   
Dastardly Dude also spends money to publicly discredit Eroglik's work, even though he is using his data to plan his investments.   

Eroglik says that his column is meant as a warning about what will happen if policymakers don't heed his predictions. But his warnings fall on deaf ears  


Wednesday, September 26, 2035 "Opinion Vs Fact" by Billy Boren 

Wednesday, September 26, 2035                                                  Language Arts:  Mary Lyn stalter  
Prompt: What is the difference between an opinion and a fact? 
An opinion is what one person believes to be true, a prediction of what someone thinks will likely happen or someone's feeling about something. 

A fact is something that can be proven to be true (The Earth is round) or is believed to be true because there is no substantive evidence to counter it. A person's individual account of an event can be an unverified fact. 

Make two columns in your notebook. 
One for your opinions and one for the facts from your opinion essay 

Many animals who are in captivity are capable of being able to live their normal life spans in nature 
they have intelligence and feelings 
There are wildlife refuges and natural parks that they can live in. 

"I think that animals should be allowed to be free whenever possible." 
"The domestication of animals has a larger detrimental environmental footprint than animals living in the wild." 
"I believe that these are all good reasons for animals to be free."


Tuesday, September 25, 2035 by Billy Boren's "Opinion Paragraph" 

Tuesday, September 25, 2035 
Language Arts Notes: Ms Stalter 
Learning Target - Identify and write an opinion. 
Opinion (Def) - A statement of belief that supports a particular course of action over another course.  
To do: 
Write an opinion 
Write three sentences that support your opinion. 
Write a conclusion. 

Today is Talk Tuesday. So Ms Stalter asked us for examples of an opinion. 

Karl raised his hand and said. "The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer" 
Maria said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." 
Michelle said, "Military intelligence is an oxymoron" 
Barry said, "I hate carrots" 
Chief said, "Hard work is the key to success."  
Jamal raised his hand and said, "Wisdom comes from experience"  
Kendra said, "I hate math" 
Little Bear said "I love America" 
Jolene raised her hand and said, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." 
Nanook said, "If you provide for others, others will provide for you." 
I said, "Animals should be allowed to be free whenever possible." 

Ms Stalter then said, "I am going to ask each of you a rhetorical question based on your statements." She picked up her notepad and started reading, 

"Karl: Is being rich or poor a factor in whether you become richer or poorer? 
"Maria: Why is it better to do something for your country rather than letting your country do something for you?" 
"Michelle, Please define oxymoron and give specific examples of military intelligence being an oxymoron?" 
"Barry: What do you hate about carrots?" 
"Jamal: What experiences have brought you wisdom?" 
"Kendra, Why do you hate math?" 
"Little Bear: What do you love about America and what should be done to keep it a place that you love?" 
"Jolene, Why people see beauty differently?" 
"Nanook, Why do you believe others will provide for you if you provide for others." 
"Billy, when is it possible for animals to be free and why should they be allowed to be free" 

    I think that animals should be allowed to be free whenever possible. I think that possible in this case means they are capable of surviving their normal lifespan and not upsetting the natural balance of the areas they live in. I believe that animals should be free because they have intelligence, feelings and because the domestication of animals has a larger detrimental environmental footprint than animals living in the wild. 
I believe that these are all good reasons for animals to be free and that these factors should be considered when making decisions about animals freedom. I believe that setting captive wild animals is possible because there are wildlife refuges and natural park that they can live in. This is why I believe that animals should be allowed to be  free whenever possible.

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