The Adventures of Greg Spence Wolf

Response to a assault rifle rationalizer on Next-Door. 

When Robb Elementary was assaulted there were many good guys with guns. But they hesitated, because they were outgunned. 
The NRA says that they want the government to be afraid of it's people. Well they got that. The government was afraid of people carrying assault rifles.  
Ban assault rifles. 

If you make anymore posts on my posts that encourage violence, I will block you. I work at a school. A mixed race school with the kind of population that these fascists tend to target. 

For the safety of all students we have a moral obligation to ban AR-15 weapons and all other weapons of war. 

Eating fat makes people fat. 

Buying assault rifles makes people kill. 

I believe in letting people put in their bodies what they want to. But just like I can't make you eat a carrot. You can't make me be shot by your gun 
 Your guns must be regulated to save innocent people's lives

When a Teacher Sexually Harasses a Paraeducator, The Teacher Gets Away With It. 

I am a survivor of workplace sexual harassment

I hesitate to talk about it because other people have seen worse

I hate talk about it because nothing I feel is more painful 


But if I don't talk about it

Then it turns into a curse.

This happened from 2014-2017.  
And every touch was either from behind or manipulative. 
They used their role as "supervisor" to nuzzle up against me like she was my date.  
I edged away from jer a few inches and then she got shoulder to shoulder again two more times. 
All while pretending to be interested in my ongoing observation of a student at recess.

When it first filed my complaint and filed a complaint I told all my coworkers and they were like understanding because they, including the principals, knew how mean she was. I got a no contact order at work. I no longer was assigned to her classroom. And she still found ways to get in my space. Until I filed the complaint.

When a Teacher Sexually Harasses a Paraeducator, Then the Teacher Gets Away With It.