Do All Lives (Really) Matter?


Why didn't George Floyd's life matter to Derek Chauvin?

Do all lives matter in this country - If Black lives don't matter to the police?
If Derek Chauvin can choke a man to death with his knee.
While a crowd stood and filmed him as he did his violent deed.

While an EMT begged and pleaded 
For George Floyd's airwaves to be set free.
Why didn't Chauvin let George Floyd breathe.
He must have thought that he'd get off Scott free.
And he almost did. 
As the video went viral on the internet and aired on national TV.
While Chauvin avoided being an arrestee,
The mayor went on the air to plead
For Chauvin's arrest for his evil deed.
Do all lives really matter to the Minneapolis Police?
Did Derek Chauvin kill George Floyd 
To show his authority?
Did he think he'd be respected  
By his fellow police? 
Why it take a riot to get him arrested?
Do you really think all lives really matter?
Why do we even need one protest to get a murderer arrested? 
When a non-violent person 
----is killed by the police 
-------why are the police exempt from responsibility
Do Black Lives (really) matter in this country ? 
If they don't matter to the Minneapolis police.

Published May 25, 2020/Updated 1/4-5/2022





Photo by Greg Spence Wolf


Why didn't Trayvon Martin's Life Matter to george zimmerman?

Do all lives matter in this country
If Black Teen Lives don't matter to fake vigilantes?
If George Zimmerman can get away with murder,
Because he decided to manufacture,
A threat in his head, to justify his fetish,      for his gun.
How can you tell anyone - that all Lives matter . . .  in the USA?
If an unarmed teenager on his way home
Doesn't make it home.

I would like it to be known:
That we are not free country.
That we are not a land of liberty.
No we are a land of too many guns and petty tyranny.
Instead of a land of solidariity
Trayvon Martin was never a threat 
And George Zimmerman should be full of regret 
We should speak up for justice and never forget 
That we haven't reached equality yet.
Do all lives matter in Florida?
Do you really think that all lives matter in this country?

Why didn't Elijah McClain's life matter to aurora paramedics or the aurora police?

Elijah McClain Didn't Have a Gun 
Still Elijah McCalin was put in a cholk hold - twice,


So why didn't the authorities value his life.

Did this choking by policemen. lead to his death,
In Aurora, Colorado.

Maybe it did and probably it did but I can't be sure because there is another factor.

The Aurora policemen weren't the only questionable actors.

Because then paramedics "injected McClain with 500 mg of ketamine"

According to CPR.ORG /\...that's...a...bit...too...much.

They say that's "a dose that would have been,

....slightly too much ...............  for a 200-pound person."

While, "McClain weighed" only "143 pounds."

Tell me why is this shit going down.


Do all lives matter --- if this shit really happens --- in Colorado, really? (retrieved 1/5/2022)


Why didn't Breonna Taylor's life matter to the louisville metro police?

Why didn't Breonna Taylor's life matter - to - the - Louisville - metro - police?

Why wasn't Breona Taylor's life valued by Judge Mary Shaw,

. . . . . In the county of Jefferson;   Kentucky?

Why was a no knock warrant issued to the police by the court?

Please tell me?


Breonna Taylor didn't have a record and she wasn't wanted by the police.
Breona Taylor wasn't under aarrest 

So why is she dead, please tell me?

Why did her apartment come under attack?
When someone else was under arrest?
Someone else who had already been arrested?
Now do you understand why her death is protested?

If Breonna Taylor who didn't hurt anyone 
Who didn't have a record can be shot by a policeman


Do the police really think that all lives matter

And if they don't then why don't they think that all lives matter.?
Even though the report said she wasn’t a threat

The neighbors called the cops on the cops because they thought it was an attack, 
by someone other than the cops, 
It was an attack, but it was an attack by the cops 
  Who wanted to arrest a man who wasn't there. 
© Greg Spence Wolf  Updated 1/16/2022